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Angus Motorhome Hire. A Luxury Motorhome open for hire, for the purpose of your entertainment. The first Motorhome Hiring company in Angus.


Our Motorhome is great for your entertainment. In our Motorhome there is kitchen facilities, bathroom facilities, a king size bed and two double beds. Holding up to 6 of your closest friends and family. Whether it’s a romantic trip away or a family holiday the Motorhome is always offering a cozy atmosphere. Make a change from the sunny holiday to Spain and tour the beautiful scenery of Scotland. We’re supporters of the music lovers also, as our Motorhome is hirable for the desire of your festival needs.

People don't take trips...trips take people.


Prices are marked by day or by week. Additional charges aren’t included. The hiring of our Motorhome:

£121.50 per day | £850 per week
Although you should keep a look out on our Facebook page or give us a call to see if there’s any special deals we can give you.


In the interest of a cancellation a minimum of 30 days is required, and only half a refund is provided. If past the minimum date, there will be no refund provided. Although our staff will try to prevent a cancellation by offering other dates that may be more of an interest to yourself.


Payment is transitioned through a safe company called ‘World pay’. ‘World pay’ take credit and debit payment over the web. We make it easy for you to pay over the phone via this app going through several bank details to provide the consumer and company are correct. Two receipts are provided. World pay send you a receipt stating the transaction has been a success and we will send a receipt via email with a link to allow us to know your safe to drive our Motorhome.

Additional Charges

The vehicle is restricted to 100 miles per day but more can be purchased for £0.25 per mile at the start of the hire, this is non-refundable. If the van is brought back at the end of hire with mileage over the limit you will be charged at £0.50 per mile. If the driver is involved in an accident £500 in excess is to be paid to the company. £100 will be deposited to insure that there is no damage done inside the vehicle. This is refundable if the vehicle is in satisfactory condition.

Additional Information

Additional Information will be provided in our terms and conditions.

Requirements to Drive our Motorhome.

The check we provide will show your eligibility to drive our Motorhome.

We're the support. you're the pilot.

Important: This isn’t simply a ‘free print’ our lawyers ask us to include.
We know it seems like a lot to read but we ensure this is to conclude both the company and customer are satisfactory with the experience.
A printed copy will be provided to you, to ensure you know what the company expects when hiring from Angus Motorhomes.
There will also be a printed copy inside the Motorhome. You will be asked to sign a hiring agreement and be bound to this contract.
This contact will only last as long as the hiring is in progress. After the contract we will no longer have a legal obligation to you.

‘You’ are the main driver who has signed the rental agreement it will be your name that’s present in all receipts and contact information. You are entered into a legally binding contract for this vehicle and it’s only you who holds the entitlement to drive the vehicle.
‘Angus Motorhome Hire’ is the name of the company in the agreement.
‘Vehicle’ is the Motorhome that you have hired and have obligation too through your contract.
‘Damage’ is any damage occurring to the vehicle while in your responsibility.
‘Rental Period’ is the time that you have hired out the Motorhome.
‘Approved Driver’ means any named person on the hiring agreement.

The following conditions are mandatory and must be fulfilled in order for you to rent a
vehicle. All conditions listed under this section are valid if no additional restrictions have
been given. We reserve the right to ask for additional proof of identification where
documents already produced are not deemed satisfactory, and retain the right to refuse
the rental of our vehicles if we are not satisfied.
1.1 We control all bookings and payments via phone to ensure that the transition is safe and we do it through a company called ‘Worldpay’. A Receipt will be sent to you through ‘Worldpay’ and we will provide an emailed receipt letting you know that you are booked in for your desirable dates with a link. We don’t do a deposit scheme at the moment. We take a £100.00 deposit with the remainder to be paid in full 10 weeks before the hire date. Our prices are £109.35 per day and £765.00 per week. Prices will be quoted in British pounds. We take all types of card payments through ‘Worldpay’.
1.2 This link ( takes you to a page where a licence check can be done which ensures that you are fit to drive our Motorhome this must be completed within 21 days of your hiring dates. We say it’s better to come down to the office on your departure date to complete this and have it printed in our office so our company can store this.
1.3 We are fully licensed for anyone between 25-75 years old. We only allow one driver. The driver must have a C1 license and isn’t eligible if any more than 6 points is present. If the driver is involved in an accident £500 in excess is to be paid to the company.
– You must ensure that it is only the registered driver, in responsibility of driving the vehicle.
– You must follow the law when driving the vehicle.
1.4 We like to take a photo copy of ID and driving licence to keep our company right legally, this will be stored alongside our check allowing the company to know your details for the interest in our company and the vehicle. Also we would like two proofs of address which is no older than 3 months, this can be provided with gas bills etc.
We will store this information alongside your contract.

1.1 Vehicle has full breakdown coverage for the UK and European travels. Before hire, the Motorhome will have a full tank of diesel and must return with a full tank of diesel. Just phone the company in the incident of a breakdown and we will arrange the repair.
1.2 You must not let anyone work on the vehicle without our permission. If we do give you permission, we will only give you a refund for if you have the VAT receipt. We will not provide a refund if this damage is caused by you.
1.3 When you have the vehicle you are obtained to some maintenance such as, engine oil top up, fluid top up, screen wash top up, tyre pressure etc.
– You must stop the vehicle if anything is displayed as being wrong and contact us.
1.4 The vehicle is prohibited from going off road due to the breakdown company being able to come and retrieve and fix the Motorhome.

1.1 The Motorhome will be cleaned to our highest standard before sent out and hope to have it returned as sent out. We take a £100 deposit just in case our premises are damaged or broken in any way, this is refundable when the Motorhome is up to our standards on return. We would like to know as soon as there’s a damage to our Motorhome. When the Motorhome is in your possession it is no longer our responsibility. Meaning you must look after the Motorhome and its accessories correctly.
-The Motorhome must be locked at all times when not in use.
-You must park the Motorhome in a reasonable, safe place when not in use with due care.
-You must ensure when leaving the Motorhomes, you take the keys with you at all times for security purposes. Our Motorhomes don’t automatically lock.
-The Motorhome must not be used for pushing or towing another vehicle.
-The Motorhome must not be used to transport anything with a bad nature. The Motorhome is used purposely for the entertainment of the customer.
– If there is any charges i.e. parking tickets etc. The company will not be held responsible.
-You must make sure that the correct fuel is used in the Motorhome (Diesel).
1.2 We would ask you to inspect the vehicle before use to check for any pre-existing damage in case the problem occurs where we feel you are responsible for this damage. If there is damage, please let us know and we will be quick to repair the problem and contact the previous hiring customer.

1.1 The vehicle will be restricted to 𝟏𝟎𝟎 𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐞𝐬 𝐩𝐞𝐫 𝐝𝐚𝐲 but more can be purchased for £𝟎.𝟐𝟓 𝐩𝐞𝐫 𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐞 at start of hire, this is non-refundable. If van is brought back at end of hire with mileage over the limit you will be charged £𝟎.𝟓𝟎 𝐩𝐞𝐫 𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐞.
1.2 If the driver is involved in an accident £𝟓𝟎𝟎 in excess is to be paid to the company.
1.3 £𝟏𝟎𝟎 will be deposited to insure that there is no damage done inside the vehicle. This is refundable if the Motorhome is in satisfactory condition.

1.1 We are not responsible for your property inside the vehicle. We will store missing objects in our office until contacted to notify us that it is your object and we will happily return it. Angus Motorhome Hire will only keep the object for 3 months until we dispose of it.

In the interest of a cancellation minimum of 30 days is required, and only half a refund is provided. If past this minimum date, there will be no refund provided due to the loss of business from keeping your reservation. Notification is taken via our email, Facebook page, or preferably by phone. Refunds are given digitally through ‘Worldpay’ so that the transition is safe and satisfactory. We will try provide the customer with different dates that are more settling for them before cancelling the holiday completely.
If the Motorhome is returned before the date that it is booked out until it is non-refundable due to the loss of business.

1.1 The Motorhome should be returned during our opening hours on the final date of your holiday. Our opening hours are 9:00-17:00 every day.
1.2 The Motorhome should return with a full tank of diesel.
1.3 The Motorhome should return with no damage.

We would like to know general information about the customer for the relationship of the customer and company. Our staff are always here to help with your additional queries about our company. We hope our staff are treated politely as they would treat you. All communication between customer and our company will be provided with the name of the staff member that is talking to you, if you feel there is any problems with this members of staff please contact Bruce Duncan with this information as our staff are trained to be polite and make you satisfactory with your purchase.

Download the full Terms and Conditions pdf below


""Angus Motorhome Hire provided my husband and I with an experience we will never forget. I will recommend them to everyone I meet.
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Jane Smith
Happy Customer
“The experience was everything I hoped for, and more. Without Angus Motorhome Hire I would have never seen how beautiful Scotland is."
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John Doe
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